How Old Is Big Zulu And How Successful Is He As A Rapper?.


The successful story of Big Zulu is an inspiration to many youths who are looking forward to succeed in life.

Big Zulu’s story is a typical example of grass to grace relatable stories, from being a taxi driver to a successful celebrity rapper.

Quick Profile Of Big Zulu.

Full Name: Siyabonga Nene.

Date of Birth: April 7, 1987.

Age: 35 Years old.

Place of Birth: Bergville, KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa.

Nationality: South African.

Occupation: Actor, Songwriter and Rapper.

His Interest In Music Started Since Childhood.

Details about the educational background and family of Big Zulu are not known yet.

However, he has always been a lover of music right from a tender age.

Big Zulu Started As A Taxi Driver But Decided To Do Music At The Age Of 21.

When the rapper was 21 years in 2008, he decided to venture into doing music after years of being a taxi driver.

In 2009, Big Zulu started writing his own lyrics, organising and performing his own music without being signed under any record label.

He started getting recognised since then and such recognition did him a lot of good, as he later got signed by Universal record label.

Big Zulu Is Now A Successful Rapper, Rapping In His Style- Inkabi Pantsula.

The word ‘Inkabi’, used to give an expression of assassin’s that hardly miss their target, and also associated with how taxi drivers were violently killed back in the days.

However, Big Zulu, who was once a taxi driver is influencing positively about the narrative.

Now, upon hearing ‘Inkabi Pantsula’, Big Zulu’s style of rap comes in mind rather than bringing fear into the mind.

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