“Hunger will strike you if you don’t keep quite for us to fight together” Captain Planet warn Fix yourself advocates


Today May 3rd will forever be remembered as one of the days Ghanaians unite against bad governance with social media trends.

However there also many out the who are of the view the social media backlashes against government isn’t going to force them to change anything because they believe Government has done their very best and it is upto we the citizens to also play a role in building the nation the way we want it to be.

This counter campaign started with the hashtag ‘Fix Yourself’ to oppose the initial ‘Fix the country’ that has been trending since morning.

Sharing his view on the new Hashtag ‘Fix Yourself’ Popular hiplife musician Captain Planet insists this is the time to stay together and fight our leaders and anyone who is not in support of it is likely to face the consequences through hunger.

“You dont have a job, u dnt have a place to sleep, u can’t afford rent, water bill , light bill etc. u be hand to mouth but u wont keep quiet so we fight together & get the problem solved but u dey there dey tweet #FixYourself . Hunger Go Kill” The 4X4 member stated.

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