‘I am very weak, be kind to my kids as I die’ former aids ambassador Joyce Dzidor in tears


HIV/AIDS is a disease with stigma. Many have learnt this with experience. People for many reasons are sometimes hesitant to admit that this is a problem. Self stigma equally affects a person’s ability to live positively, affects adherence to treatment and access to health services, and to diminish quality of life in general.

Those who have been there and know how hard it is but be reminded you that it’s your personal responsibility to take your medication on time without failure to ensure you prolong your life. Stigma is dangerous than HIV/AIDS,  the reason why people get boldness and come out openly with their status is to fight the killer disease called stigma.

The truth is the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS are violated but remember they are also human who are not defined by their HIV status, they have right to date and have health relationship with children. 

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, was seen in an emotional moment when she appeared on Facebook to request a sorrowful empathy from Ghanaians to her kids. Per what she wrote, it’s her earnest plea to each and everyone to be kind to her kids when she passes on.

Reviewing the circumstances which has led to this painful announcement Joyce Dzidzor Mensa clarified that, she has been HIV positive for so long a time that, Nonetheless, she always seems to be okay with her condition but within, she is a very sad person waiting for death to snatch her away. 

You can watch her post below

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