I am warning you Ghanaians in abroad, don’t come home, you will die if you come the country is not safe; Captain Smart cautions


When our forebearers started the liberation struggle, some of them were imprisoned and some killed. Those who survived made sure they overpowered the enemy in memory of their colleagues.

Similar, in this fight, some of us will be detained and some killed like Kaaka but such things should tell us that we are a step away from overcoming the enemy.

Our forefathers never thought that, after successfully rescuing our country, a day like this will come where our country will need a second rescuing. It is our turn to offer our services in pursuit of another liberation struggle.

The day is bright for the brave to speak and non other than Captain Smart has the power and the effrontery to speak truth to power. The ace journalist has sent a strong warning to Ghanaians living abroad.

His warnings comes after Kaaka was murdered in cold blood and demonstrators who got angry at his death were also shot and killed with scores sustaining various degrees of injuries.

Commenting on the incident on Onua TV, the anti corruption campaigner posited “the country is not safe, the way the soldier who shot and killed the protestors positioned himself as if he was killing an animal. He shot straight into the crowd.

Stop and listen Ghanaians living abroad who wants to come home the country is not safe. Those coming on holidays should stop. There is no peace in the country.

If you have a house, sell and travel to abroad. You will die if you come. At the airport they will steal from you and if you are going home, armed robbers will attack you. I am warning you don’t come.

There is no peace in the country. I have warned you and if you disobey, you will die.”

You can watch the video below

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