I was stopped when I brought in excavators to fix a problem in my community last year- John Dumelo recounted


John Dumelo’s persistence on #FixTheCountry is not ending soon as he has recounted an event last year where he hired excavators to dredge the gutters in his area(West Legon) to pave way for proper drainage so as to reduce the rate of flood in the  community. Unfortunately for him, he received an order from the assembly to stop.

Read Dumelo’s tweet when he was stopped last year:

Dumelo is back today to remind those telling him to fix his attitude before asking the government to fix the country that, he tried his best to fix his community but was refused the opportunity. His post of Facebook reads..

“Last year, I brought in excavators to fix a problem in my community. I was stopped by the government. The rains are in again and the problem still persists. When I complain, they say i should to fix my attitude before i can tell them to #FixTheCountry. Such arrogance!”

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