“I burnt the school because my parents forced me to attend”- Accra academy fire suspect Confesses


It is sometimes inconceivable the kind of thoughts that nourish and influence the decisions people take, especially when it affects the lives of many others apart from him.

It has come to light that the fires experienced by Accra Academy was actually committed or started by an unnamed student of the school.

According to the young man, he committed this dangerous act because his parents forced him to the school against his will.

He is said to have confessed to setting fire to dormitory blocks, which were razed down completely because he was forced into school by his parents against his will.

To execute his plan, the student, allegedly, bought petrol from a nearby fuel service station in a used mineral water bottle with which he set fire to the dormitories, the police said.

Accra Academy for sometime now experienced some fire cases which many could not wrap their heads around.

A 15-year-old student of Accra Academy Senior High School at Bubuashie, Accra, has been arrested for allegedly being behind recent fire outbreaks in the school.

He is said to have confessed to setting fire to dormitory blocks, including a new dormitory block, which was razed down completely, because he was forced into the school by his parents against his will.

The senior high school form two student, whose identity has been withheld by the police, is said to have claimed responsibility for the last three fire incidents which ravaged dormitories, belongings of students such as trunks, chop boxes with food items, beds and other valuables, including money.

The fire outbreaks in the school have also destroyed property of the school, educational materials of students and some personal effects of the students.

Not in the wildest imagination of many could they fathom, that these fires were actually arson, hence deliberate and worse of all caused by a student.

Granted, school may not be something for everyone, but then is burning down a school which has been in existence for many decades an appropriate way to vent your displeasure?

Hopefully this is not the case, but if it turns out to be true,, the necessary sanctions should be applied to deter such acts in the near future.

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