I feel like it’s my fault, some are saying I have the blood of the murdered on my hands; emotional Efia Odo weeps bitterly on live tv


Efia Odo is blaming herself for the murder of Kaaka the fix the country activist and the two others killed by the military

Social media sensation and TV host Efia Odo has this morning wept bitterly on Angel FM this morning due to the current violence unleashed on innocent protestors in the country.

Within the studio of Angel FM, a popular radio station based in Accra, the presence of their guest grace the morning show program dubbed “Anopa bofuor” with the host Kofi Adoma Nwawani.

The beautiful diva as usual in her tight clothing and black shades appeared sober and moody. Efia’s opinion was asked by the host as to how she feels when these(fix the country protestors) people are killed.

Efia in response said “I feel like its my fault. Now people are accusing me of having the blood of the slain on my hands. I started this fix the country campaign.

If the country is progressing, we wouldn’t complain. Somebody is talking about the wrong things going on in his constituency and you beat and kill him.

Fast forward, his family members and sympathizers are protesting the wrongful killing and instead of the military and the police to intervene amicably, you rather shoot two of them.

Its not an easy thing for me to see. I am very emotional and I am not taking it easy. Kaaka was an activist long before the fix the country campaign started.”

You can watch the video below

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