I Had Only A Motorbike In 1997 But I Have Many Businesses Now; Ibrahim Mahama Gives Testimony In Church


From Grace To Grace Ibrahim Mahama narrates his sad story

The holy books say it is the blessings of God that makes man rich and he added no sorrow unto it. Life is s journey and it’s possible to make it.

The brother of Ghana’s ex president John Mahama has narrated his life journey and how he fought his way from poverty to riches. At the launch of his book in a church auditorium, the tycoon’s examplery life was to serve as motivation for other’s to emulate.

The grateful entrepreneur mentioned one man who helped him to change his life and expressed his gratitude. He stated that he believes in destiny and God miraculously brought Uncle Seth to help me.

He recounted how the only property he had was just a motorbike when he returned from the UK to Ghana in 1997.

The chief executive officer of Engineers and Planners asserted that he had no capital to commence his car business which he had thought of. Destiny located him and directed him to Uncle Seth and that was how his breakthrough came about.

The kindness of Uncle Seth is unbelievable as the man treated him very well and even gave him his pickup to carry out his transactions.

After 20 years of setting up the business he can now boast of an expansion to search an extend that people are now managing his business for him.

You can watch the video below

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