I Have Been Married And Divorced; Elikem Kumordzie Shares Marriage Experience On Date Rush


Elikem Kumordzie the tailor appears on Date Rush and gives some secrets to success of marriage

The gentleman Elikem Kumordzie popularly known as Elikem the tailor, has shared some hidden secrets to the success of marriage. He described himself as one who is attracted to people with inner intelligence than outer beauty.

Marriage advised given was that ” I have been married and divorced. Relationship is hard work and this is why you need to put in more effort to make it work.

Avoid anything that will make you play foul. He indicated I am an entrepreneur and the amount of energy I put in relationship is the same as that of my business to see it thrive.”

The Ladies were asked what makes a man happy by the host Geovanni who demanded answers. Bibi answered don’t stress him, he will be happy. Anita stated peace of mind and a man is happy.

Sesime opined it is peace and respect. Aku Sika asserted a man needs respect and no nagging. Khadijah posited that a man needs to feel secured, a woman to lean on for support, respectful and peaceful.

Fatima stated respect and less stress. Rose believes a man needs a woman of understanding who doesn’t stress him and doesn’t disturb him with irrelevant things. Cilla responded: a man becomes happy when you don’t deny him of sex, trust and he love you forever.

Success answered by saying a man needs a supportive woman who will respect him. Finally Bella, opined men like women who don’t stress him. Elikem was impressed with their answers.

You can watch the video below


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