I Have Not Had Sex For The Past Seven Years;Legendary Highlife Musician Reveals


Legendary highlife musician Paa Solo has made a revelation which seems shocking and extremely difficult to believe.

Speaking on Kingdom FM’s station the legend pointed out that he has not had sex for over seven years with his wife due to health complications his wife suffered some time back.

Marital issues which involves sex are mostly kept secret but the Senior man has exposed what should be kept a secret.

The lengthy live interview witnessed the renowned Ghanaian asserting that yes “I haven’t had sex for so long a time and that’s the truth.”

“My wife was sleeping with me on the same bed and she became blind due to glaucoma and later on her stomach swelled. The swelling was caused by hernia.”

He added ” I only know that hernia occurs to men never did I know ladies also contract it.”

You can watch the video below

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