I have seen Alpha Conde only twice: Doumbouya denies any closeness with Alpha Conde in an interview


Africans are made to believe democracy is the best sort of governance to build a country not dictatorship. On the contrary, the democracy practiced in most African countries has rather brought about regression considering how corrupt politicians become. The president has the power to appoint individuals to head state institutions, who then will have the moral courage to rebuke him when he is doing wrong?.

The leader of the country has been given the mandate to select persons and at the same time revoke their appointment when he likes. Should he indulge in any corrupt activity, which state institutions or audit department can investigate him? The interim President, Doumbouya mustered courage to stage the coup which eventually led to the overthrow of his boss. Many were surprised at the turn of events and even described it as betrayal.

Alpha Conde, Guinea’s ex president is the nation’s first democratically-elected president since the country emerged from military rulership; a series of military dictators after independence. Up until recently Conde enjoyed support from France and Russia. However, Conde recently modified the constitution to allow for him to run for a third term as president, leading to the current political crisis.

As a result, it looks like the architect of this coup was an individual who was keenly interested in West African politics. As earlier circulated in some sections of the media, it was Alpha Conde who invited the special forces soldier from serving as a legionnaire in France back to his homeland, Guinea. The deposed President formed the special forces to protect him but he never expected his soldiers to betray him.

In a live interview with Radio France International(RFI), Doumbouya has rebutted claims that he came to Guinea upon the request of Conde. He added that it was his personal decision to come back to serve his country and since returning, he had seem Alpha Conde only twice.

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