” I Killed her because of a video I saw on her phone”: 24 years old boy who killed his 34 years old lover confesses; Angel News confirm


Obuasi, a popular town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. At the mention of the name, the only thing that used to come to mind was the gold mining but now the narration is changing.

It was early this year that some young boys from Obuasi were everywhere in the news brandishing guns which led to their arrest.

Apart from that, some persons have out of jilted relationships killed their partners in the same vicinity. Others were felt betrayed and decided to end the lives of their partners. In all of these, the culprits are males whilst their female counterparts fall victims, unfortunately

Angel TV has finally reveals the reason why a young man killed his girlfriend in Cold blood in Oboasi. The news was a horrific one and we wonder why a young man can Committee such an atrocity in his own town without fear and mercy.

The news reveals that the young man is currently 24 years and he finally confess in tears as reveals the reason why he Murder his beautiful girlfriend.

The young boy reveals that he killed his beautiful girlfriend as a result of the video and pictures he saw on her phone. The guy added that she took the phone of her girlfriend and went straight to gallery and he saw series of pictures of her girlfriend with other guys.

He then became furious and call the Girlfriend out of the bathroom. The Lady then narrated the truth about the the pictures and the video that they are not her Boyfriends.

The young guy refuse to listen and pushed the Lady against the wall and he gave her some severe beatings leading to her death.

The Lady is known to be 35 years old and stays in Oboasi with her 24 years old lover. The police in Oboasi have arrested the young guy to face the consequences of his actions.

Kwadwo Dickson narrated on Angel TV this afternoon.

You can watch the video below

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