I love you so much my best friend, – Fella Makafui to hubby Medikal


-Fella Makafui and her husband Have show affection publicly from their days of dating till married

-The celebrity couple have a daughter named Island

-Medikal has always expressed love to his wife Fella anytime he gets the chance and Fella has also been doing same.

Precious Fella Makafui has said she so much love her best friend in the person of rapper Medika who doubles as her husband.

The actress took to her social media to announce this.

The mother of one started as friend with Medikal till they made it official they were dating and eventually got married.

Fella at every point has maintained Medikal the rapper is her best friend and they share almost everything together aside being married.

The duo have a daughter named Island Frimpong few years after their talked about wedding and they seem to be growing happy together.

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