“I Made A Living As A Lawyer Therefore, I Know I will Lose Some Arguments” – Akufo-Addo finally Replies Critics


– President Akufo-Addo breaks silence on the heavy criticisms his government is receiving.

– Their Ghanaian president is a lawyer by profession and seems to understand the job at hand.

– He admits he is not always going to be on the winning side.

Ghana’s presidency has long ago been a hot seat for every elected leader, despite the country’s peaceful way of living, citizens aren’t that quite when it comes to bad governance.

President Akufo-Addo has not really felt the wrath of the citizens in his first term where the introduction of free secondary education overshadowed any single form a sinking economy.

Things escalated so quick just some months into his second term leading to social media protests and television programs aimed at telling exposing to Ghanaians what the real situation is in the country.

But according to the president, these are all means by people who are not in favor of his party to make him and his government unpopular.

Speaking at a congregation organized by the University of Cape Coast to honor him with a Doctorate degree, He made it known his career as a lawyer has helped him to understand he will surely loose some arguments.

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