“I Once Bought My Cook A New Phone Because I H*Ted His Ring Tone” – Singer, Ric Hassani


Popular Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani has revealed how he once resorted to buying a brand new phone for one of his domestic workers because his ring tone was much to his dislike.

In a tweet of his, he shared that because he so much likes his peace and quiet, he once bought his cook a new phone because he hated his ringtone.

He wrote

I so like my peace and quiet, i no like jiggy jiggy.

I once bought my cook a new phone because I hated his ring tone.

 He had one of those small phones that the ringtone sounds like Korean cultural dance. It was stressing my deep thoughts.


In other News reality TV star Angel Smith recently took to her Twitter page to share how some Nigerian netizens are the “meanest weirdest bullies” who “claim to be fantastic people but are weird, mean and have dirt in their souls“.

She wrote,

Y’all be the meanest weirdest bullies.

Claim to be fantastic people but y’all just be weird and mean and the dirt in your souls do be showing.

Just come on here and bully anyone unprovoked then when someone decides to take their life it’s “suicide is not an option”. Leave people alone if their lives don’t affect you.

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