I saw TB Joshua burning in hell with another famous pastor – Female pastor reveals


A female pastor has resorted to social media to denounce many “men of God” whom she claims she has seen in her visions, burning in hell, and has called them out.

In a recent sermon, the pastor claimed that she had the opportunity to travel to hellfire, where she allegedly witnessed the suffering of late pastor T.B. Joshua and Bishop Idahosa before their deaths.

In her allegations, she asserted that the late preachers are being tormented and punished in hell for the misdeeds they did while on this planet.

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In addition to this, Bishop Idahosa is being tormented in hellfire for wearing a neck chain, despite the fact that he has preached against the wearing of jewelry.

“I’ve been to hellfire, I’ve felt the anguish, I’ve endured the torture, and I don’t want to go back there and be burned for all eternity,” she said emphatically.

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