I shouted when I saw the body of my son cut into pieces and stored in the fridge; Father of one of the boys narrates


Ghanaians have been reacting and are still in shock about what Richard Appiah did at Alaska Junction near Abesim in Sunyani because no one has killed and preserved the bodies in the refrigerator it happened in Alaska.

More revelations has been popping up day in and out causing massive controversies in the country.

Some of his victims are youngsters who basically were innocent and could not have in any way cause problems for Richard Appiah. He became their mentor and anytime he needed to send them, they complied.

He mostly takes them to his house since they were all interested in football. One of the teenagers, Stephen Sarpong, 12 had been missing in the community for about a week now, and the father, Mr. Asiamah Yeboah has been looking for him with the suspect, Richard Appiah.

The father, Mr. Yeboah Asiamah who is a statistical control officer with the National Disaster Management Organization (NAMDO) in the area was with his son when he went missing for no reason.

Since the suspect, Richard Appiah is close to his family, they have all been looking for young Stephen Sarpong. After days of not seeing him, an official complaint was lodged at the Police station where the criminal Investigations Department picked up the issue.

The father narrated what transpired on that said day in the video below how he shouted in shock when the police finally apprehended the suspect. It was all a sorrowful scene to witness when the refrigerator storing the remains of the son of was opened to him.

He posited “I followed the police officers to the scene where a refrigerator was opened to me to identify the human parts stored and I saw the headless body of a 12 years old girl.”

” I later saw my son’s body chopped into pieces and pushed deep into the freezer. I shouted oh my God.”

You can watch the video below


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