I was a man for 25 years with nothing to show for it – Bobrisky explains why he cross-dressed and turned into a woman


Why are we Africans suddenly acting like this thing about Ladies having dogs for head hasn’t been there or a new norm? As much as the African tradition or norm frown at that, it has always been there. When we consume all kinds of Hollywood movies, we re exposed to learning about Western norms and pop culture and embrace them too.

I know some bourgeoise and chauvenist would see that a demonic phenomenon but I wouldn’t see it from such end. Society evolve overtime and it takes the humanity community to agree with what is evil and what is not.

There was a time in history when LGBTQI was considered by the Catholic religion as psychiatric ailment but later, it would gain honorary admittance into human rights.

Perhaps in Nigeria today too, we now have a Bobrisky in our society. The discourse can’t always be focused on the female counterpart to sustain suppression and violence against their humanity and cravings.   

Famous Nigerian man turned woman, queen and social media influencer Idris Okuney, aka Bobrisky, disclosed she prefers being a woman to a man over what she gets.

Bobriski, declared boldly he had difficulties getting a job when he finished from university as a fresh graduate. He explains most of his colleagues are also striving to find work, but he doesn’t have the courage to cheat or join armed robbery for cash.

In addition, she posits that her outfits are that of females because she knows she has feminine features. After a year of cross-dressing, she disclosed that the money was beginning to come in. He understood that this was the only way to make cash without Killing.

She/ he wrote “This message is for all of you to read before you judge me. I’ve officially been a man for almost 25 years without showing anything. I am also struggling with my certification as an accounting graduate at the University of Lagos, for him there is still nothing to show.

Then I saw all my friends making money. I went home and thought about my life. If I take part in the robbery, they will kill me at some point, secondly, I can’t even bear to think about this dimension or fool people with my sweat. When I was growing up, I had some feminine traits in me, so I decided to try what a cross dressing would look like. I started earning under a year of cross-dressing. I’m still a surprise to him.

“So I gave my body more time, rubbed in expensive creams, smelled good, took more body pills for women and took care of myself. Boom, more and more money… Men admire me, women give me recommendations on the right and left. Long story short I fit a man as a woman. God bless all women around the world many of you who love me and have accepted me, save me and I will always respect WOMEN.

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