“I was found like this as well 35 years and a day ago, Luckily I was alive”- man recounts


Man revealed how his parents dumped him into the bush after giving birth to him that very moment about 35-years and a day ago, and luckily for him he was found alive and being taken home by his adopted parents.

His tweet sparked reactions on Twitter as many people who were touched by his story—- expressed their thoughts and give glory to God for how far he has come.

The man identified as uncle Fifi on Twitter revealed he was adopted and he is not perfect.

Taking to Twitter, he said; “I was found like this as well 35 years and a day ago. Luckily I was alive.”

Many women give birth to children and dumped them into the push because they cannot afford to take care of them due to ther hardship burden.

It is never their intention to dump a baby they carry for 9 months away but situations led them to do that.

Most of the babies being dumped into the push upon their arrivals did not survive like the case of this man.

Let’s make use of the children’s homes available to stop wasting valuable human lives.

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