“I was told I have K legs” – Lady sadly recounts how she was disqualified at Immigration Service screening 


A woman has tragically told how she was denied the opportunity to go to the next level of the Ghana Immigration Service’s screening process.

According to her, Immigration Service officers told her that her crooked legs would prevent her from being passed…

She was immediately disqualified.

The lady claimed she was astonished when she was told the curvature of her legs could not allow her to be passed, recalling her anguish when thousands of Ghanaian teenagers hoping to join the Immigration Service were disqualified at the first stage based on their physical attributes.

“Went for the Immigration Service body selection at Elwak Stadium. I got there at 4 am and the line was up to the lands commission traffic light. After they said I’m K legs so I don’t qualify,” she recounted.

Meanwhile, around 10,000 persons out of 16,000 who went through the Ghana Immigration Service screening in Kumasi were dismissed.

Those that made it would have to pass an aptitude test in order to be chosen for training and eventual passage out of a pool of only 2,000 people.

Many jobless Ghanaian youngsters hoped to gain entry into the Immigration Service in order to find work. However, many people have been disqualified as a result of the strict vetting process.

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