‘I will be giving this car to a total stranger I don’t know’- Bobrisky fulfilling her promise of changing people From poverty to riches every week


Nigerian transgender vis-a-vis cross dresser Bobrisky has said she’s all set to dash a Benz to a follower including 500,000 naira as backup for fuel expenses.

Through to his words, she has uploaded picture of the car she intends giving out to a lucky followers.

Bobrisky’s rise to fame has never be without controversy aside being a guy who opt to dress like ladies, Bob has always been in the news for varied reasons.

Notwithstanding, one thing she has done lever the years is to reach out to people in need.

Should she truly decide to give this car out, it’s how we not going to be the first time.

The socialite has consistently reached out to people by either paying their bills or sending them money for upkeep.

She was in the news over the week for throwing shots to her former best friend Tonto Dikeh.

But even before that, she announced she had gone for a liposuction to enhance his butt.


Even though she maintained the procedure was painful, she added she of no regret for choosing the life he choose to live to become a she.

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