I Will Even Give You My School Fees; Disappointed Fatima Openly Tells Jerry As She Gets Another Rejection


Fatima a pretty lady appears on date rush looking for a date

Jeremiah is the new guy on the show looking for a date

Fatima promises to give him her school fees.

Jeremiah Arthur is a young dancehall musician and an auto mechanic who claimed to be working on two albums. Being the first contestant, expectations were high for him to meet a darling princess he could take home.

The vibrant guy with dreadlocks is based in Taifa Burkina. He is anxious and outspoken in the midst of guys but quiet and shy when with girls. This is according to his female best friend who also indicated that Jerry doesn’t wear cloths for more than 6 months because he is willing to give it out to the needy.

His first relationship failed because the Lady travelled abroad and the second one jilted him as well. His plan for the future was to have a good woman who will take care of his children.

Many of the Ladies turned off the rushes which was left with three prospecting to meet the handsome guy. Fatima has been on the program for some time and was ready to find a date. She promised to even give her school fees to him, should he choose her.

Luck eluded Fatima as Jeremiah chose his date that was Maria leaving Fatima so disappointed.

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