I will kill Kennedy Agyapong with one blow: Come and meet me one on one in US; Kelvin Taylor dares senior man


The Member for Assin Central has gained notoriety for making comments and walking away over the years. It is about time his attention is called to respect the image and credibility of others in the political space he always take advantage to abuse, according to Kelvin Taylor. The Member of Parliament for Assin Central is reported to have made some very disparaging comments about the Ghanaian US based video blogger Kelvin Taylor.

The Social media feud between the member of Parliament for Assin Central Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong and US based Ghanaian activist Kelvin Taylor continues unabated. Kelvin Taylor has issued a strong warning and challenged the member of Parliament for Assin Central Honourable Kennedy Agyapong to confront him one on one in US for a fight if he is a man.

In explanation to the legislator, Kelvin Taylor to Honourable Kennedy Agyapong depict that, it is possible for Kennedy Aggyapong to come to US and they will seek permission for them to meet each other face to face and battle in the ring. He added that, USA is not like Ghana where such cannot be done, but it is possible to happen in US and he is waiting for Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong.

Kelvin Taylor continue to mention that, the quarrelling between him and Kennedy Aggyapong is only on Social Media whereby they only exchange words and he is fedup with those words. He is willing to meet Kennedy Aggyapong in the ring and they will exchange blows. Some of us knew Kelvin Taylor is just taking because, Kennedy Aggyapong will not attempt to do such a thing.

“Come with your children and meet me in US One on one affairs. I will kill Kennedy Agyepong with only one blow and he can’t even ask for water. I will blow him in the throat and he will see that he cannot challenge me.

I will even allow him to beat me small and then I will bounce on him because his strength cannot match my blows. Kennedy Aggyapong cannot swerve any blow from me.” – Kelvin Taylor dares Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong on Loud Silence Media on Extended Version.

You can watch the video below

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