‘I won’t take it’- Lady refuses to take abortion pills boyfriend bought for her, asks him to use spoon to scoop his sperms from her


It’s trouble ahead for a guy who impregnated his girlfriend and trying very hard to terminate it in order to avoid being a father unplanned.

Abortion has become very common in our societies now with many partners turning attention to it simply to terminate their unwanted Pregnancies and as much as it is a risk, it just keep increasing.

However the main problem in solving this whole issue of unwanted pregnancy is when the two parties do not agree on one concrete decision. It really is a serious problem when one prefers abortion and the other prefers giving birth.

This was the same problem that took place in a video spreading at a faster pace online. In the video, the guy could be heard begging his partner to consider taking an abortion pill he already purchased for her to terminate their pregnancy.

But the lady who is clearly not ready to risk her life boldly tells him he won’t take it. After serious arguments over it, the lady hilariously told his guy to get a spoon and scoop out his fruitful waters out of her womb if he insists on aborting their pregnancy.

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