If you had met your mother demonstrating, would you have shot her; Twene Jonas asks soldiers who shot protestors


Twene Jonas has asked a relevant question to the security agencies

Twene jonas continues his rantings and this time round he has questioned the security agencies. He pointed out the flaws in their execution of duty at Ejura.

The killed Ibrahim because he was being a citizen. They left his wife without a husband, his children without a father, siblings without a brother, his parents without a child. They left Ghana without a patriot. Kaaka shall not die in vain!

A minute of silence for Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed who paid the ultimate price with his life for daring to stand up and demand social justice!

He was brutally attacked and killed by a mob of ruling NPP party supporters for his social media activism highlighting the problems of his community and demanding that government fix the problems.

Ibrahim Mohammed was a member of the Economic Fighters League and recently an activist of the #FixTheCountry movement.

Freedom of speech and after speech is under brutal attack in our country. It is time for all true patriots to stand up and demand democratic accountability!
The culture of silence must end NOW!!

The anti corruption campaigner posited “if the regional minister is a lunatic, it doesn’t mean you should also shoot at unarmed civilians.

Nobody should die by any useless shooting. The reason why I am popular is because I speak the truth.

That’s why people love me. Let Nana Addo begin saying the truth and Ghanaians will love him.

Let me hear of any unnecessary killing again in the country and you will hear from me.

Nonsense! What didn’t you do in parliament after voting. Did any use firearms on you! Soldiers are supposed to protect the masses and not the other way around by killing them.”

You can watch the video below


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