If you hold elections while Alpha Conde is in prison, we will not participate: RPG warns Doumbouya


It seems that the democracy practiced here in Africa is different from the one which is enforced in the developed world. The purpose of freedom and democracy is to bring about development, on the contrary, it is an avenue to create misery, corruption, dictatorship, and chaos here in Africa. African leaders clearly understand that democracy, liberty, and privileges have limits that they must abide by.

However, they abuse their stay in office, practice favoritism, rig elections, and deploy state security personnel to intimidate the masses and opposition figures. A freedom fighter will eventually emerge to put things in order and dissolve the government, suspend the Constitution, arrest the president, and set up a transition team to form a new government.

The scenario above is akin to what happened in Guinea, a West African country a few weeks ago and one of the core mandates of the transition team is to ensure the swift conduct of elections which must be free and fair. It must be transparent will little or no violence occurring at the polling stations. Coup Leader, Doumbouya has repeatedly announced that the junta is not interested in maintaining power but handing it over to a civilian.

Fast forward, supporters of RPG, the main party of the ousted leader have issued a strong word of caution to the coup master to as a matter of urgency release Alpha Conde. Taliby Dabo, a member of RPG posited that if their request is not granted, they will not participate in any election which will be organized and they will detach themselves from all electoral processes. 

He added that, if the transition would be successful, all political parties should be included. In addition, he opined that no matter how critics view the deposed President, he is still cherished among them, the love for him is deep and he is like a diamond to them.

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