“If you pick a wife from date rush, your relationship will not last longer than your Whatsapp status” Guy advices.


-A guy descends on the ladies who appears on date rush looking for love.

-He said the ladies on date rush are not serious and are only good in showing their bodies.

-To him, picking a wife on date rush will make one’s Whatsapp status last longer than the relationship.

We just came across a video of how a guy exposes the negative side of the ladies that goes on date rush to look for love.

In the video, this guy was being interviewed by a someone who appears to be a reporter.

According to the guy being interviewed, the contestants of the show are not serious.

“It’s like a maternity home, you can never find a virgin there” He added.

The most interesting thing he said about the show is that, picking a wife on date rush will make your Whatsapp status last longer than the marriage.


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