“if you sell land for two different people can be jailed” -Justice Dennis Adjei


The Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Dennis Adjei in an interview on Court Nkomo TV was asked to explain the provisions in the laws of Ghana against selling a single land to more than one individual.

In his submission, he emphatically stated that if a land owner sells a particular land to a person at the first instance, the land seizes to be the property of the seller hence, under no circumstance should the seller attempt to sell the same land to another buyer. This he said in English in called fraud.

“if you sell land for two different people can be jailed for five years and the maximum is 10 years…you can also be fined from GHC60,000 to GHC 120,000 for the same offence,”

“No Judge can sentence a person found guilty to a prison term of less than five years, no, not even four years, once the judge wants to imprison you, then the punishment as stated in the law is a minimum sentencing of five years and maximum is 10 years”

He added that, this provision is not only pertinent in the case of guilty chiefs only but to all who engage in such acts by selling one land to more than one person.

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