‘If your side chic starts living with you, you’ll realise she’s not better than your wife’


A Nigerian Twitter user has turned to the medium to criticize married men who engage in extramarital affairs because they believe the other lady is better than their wife.

Andy, a male, stated that men believe their side chicks are better than the person they are married to, despite the fact that they do not live under the same roof.

Their feelings about the matte would change, he said, if the mistress lived with the men like their wives do.

He wrote; ”Dear Married men, that lady you think is better than your wife is just good because she’s not living with you!”

See his post and some comments..

@iam_katunation; No be lie… But chose your devil wisely

@SonOfGraceSoG; Everyone has their purpose in or out

@Mirexshotz; There is truth in this

@Ahoysealord; Make una marry first and see if una fit continue this motivational speech.

@ebedee; Please increase the volume at the back so they can hear.

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