IGP will be poisoned in December at a Christmas dinner- Says UK-based Ghanaian Prophet drop bombshell


A Ghanaian pastor has gathered all the courage to drop another bombshell prophecy and this time against the Almighty hardworking IGP himself.

The Ghana Police service is already proving to be on course to redeem their integrity and one if the steps in doing that is to tackle doom prophecies.

The Inspector General of Police George Akuffo Dampare already issued a strong warning to all religious personalities against the rampant doomed prophecies that put fears into individuals.

Despite this, a Ghanaian born pastor based in the United Kingdom identified as Reverend Evans sent shockwaves around the IGP himself with claims he will be poisoned to death.

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In a that is fast making rounds online, the pastor claim the IGP will meet his death during a Christmas celebration.

He therefore cautioned the IGP to be careful with his movement during the festive period.

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