I’ll never let you have peace; Big Akwes threaten Lil Win after reporting him to the police


The daily infighting and bickering among Ghanaian celebrities never stops and it seems to be getting worse as the days goes by. A recent brouhaha between Big Akwes and Lil win has attracted public attention.

It is not clear what triggered the fight between these two but sources with word of Knowledge claims Big Akwes has been accusing Lil win of being ungrateful.

The renowned Kumawood actor claims Lil Win should show appreciation to those who supported him whiles he was an up and coming actor, most especially Bill Asamoah as he failed to attend his father’s funeral.

Fast forward, the words of insults have degenerated and Lil Win has reported his kumawood colleague to the police. Big Akwes in a video posited that he was invited by the police to report himself.

He honored it and told the police there is nothing to settle between him and Lil win but he will never let him have peace.

You can watch the video below

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