“I’ll sponsor the marriage” 39-year-old single lady cries out for a man, fears she may enter menopause soon


A 39-year-old lady who is currently single, is not impressed with herself with the fact that she is yet to find a man for herself.

Research has it that many women out there will prefer making babies at an early stage in their life rather than wait.


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This implies that by the time they get into their early 30s, they feel the need to have a husband and build a family with the man.

That, however, didn’t happen in the life of one particular woman even though she has been ready for years now to settle with a man.

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She therefore took to social media to announce the search for a man in her life for fears that she may hit her menopause soon.

To prove how serious he is, he promises to take care of all expenses needed to to fund her marriage to any man she found.

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