I’m going back home: Agradaa PRO and TV host Enock finally indicates leaving Thunder TV after many years


The bible once said to everything there is a time and a season: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to sow and a time to plant, a time to start and a time to finish. One of Nana Agradaa’s most loyal and sincere follower is her Lawyer, adviser and Tv host, Enock.

Through the thick and thin, this young man has truly served her mistress to the best of his abilities and deserves commendation. As the earlier quote indicated, the time for him to transition to a new broadcasting network has began and it’s now time to call it a quit on his services to his mistress.

Enthusiasts of Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV could not maintain calm as they wrote emotional statements after Enoch Kissi’s assertion of moving on. The young man  had hinted packing bag and baggage out of Thunder plaza, the building where Thunder TV is housed.

Followers of his morning show and lovers hoped that he could have waited a little longer to discover if Agradaa, a former priestess who conjured money out of thin air could have performed some magic to reopen her Thunder TV station, which was closed down.

” I’m going back home just like Christiano Ronaldo. Either at Agoo FM, Agoo TV or Kasapa FM” Enoch communicated these words on Facebook to his viewers and friends to show his departure from Nana Agradaa’s founded Thunder TV.

The steward proclamation simply indicates that he is going back to his ex boss Bola Ray who is the chief executive to many media houses across the length and breadth of Ghana including Ghone TV.

Agradaa’s television station was shut down after she failed to renew her license for her TV. Enoch Kissi was one of the hosts at Thunder TV. He created most of Nana Agradaa’s television contents comprising of  the Sika gari adverts.

Tough times will determine who will stay or leave and two of agradaa’s workers namely: Big Akwess and Naana Brown have all left and this will be truly painful to the evangelist.

Below is a screenshot of his post

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