I’m starting a blog specifically to blog about bloggers says Lydia Forson.


The award-winning actress and activist Lydia Forson is widely known for her outspoken nature on social media on diverse issues ranging from political, social, and cultural.

Lydia seems to be dissatisfied with bloggers and blogs they write on. According to the actress, bloggers yarn stories about the lives of individuals without considering the effect it would have on them

The unapologetic and self confidence enthusiast’s recent post on twitter however seemed targeted at Zionfelix’s recent baby mama news on the trend.

The actress has disclosed on Twitter that she would start a blog mainly to write about bloggers. One would say this is a war waged to payback bloggers in their own coin.

Netizens seem elated about this initiative and are all up for the fun it will come with especially when the person writing is Miss Forson

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