“In my Family The young marry the old and the old marry the young” Regina Daniels’ brother Reacts to mother’s marriage


Renowned Nigerian actress, Regina Daniel’s brother reacts with some controversial comments to his mother’s marriage that was held in a secrete ceremony last weekend.

Rita Daniels reportedly hot married to a man that is way younger than her and according to multiple reports from Nigeria, her children refused to grace the ceremony as they weren’t in support of their mother marrying a young man.

Meanwhile Regina Daniels is also married to a man that is at the age of his grandfather, something that baffles Sammy and led to his crazy reaction.

In a Post that everyone seems to get as Sarcasm, Sammy claim it is an abomination for his family to marry partners within their age as the old must marry the young and vice versa.

“For my family young dey marry old then old go marry young. Nah abomination for old to marry old” Sammy wrote

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