Insider reveals how Nayas had a gory Accident on her way to aleep with another man whilst her husband was at home


Following her dismissal from her husband’s home for attempting to make earth feel like hell for the innocent man, Kumawood actress Nayas has taken over the divorce baton from Xandy Kamel.

According to the commentary around this divorce tale, the movie producer-turned-actress was kicked out of her ex-residence husband’s after pestering him on a daily basis and chasing a tenant out of his property in Germany.

It has also been claimed that Nayas did not want to work after arriving in Germany, preferring to remain a housewife and be treated like a queen, something her wise husband fiercely resisted.

The husband’s resistance to offer her the status of housewife is claimed to be the root of their marital problems.

Aside from that, popular rumor has it that Nayas refused to sleep with her husband after finding a new lover in Germany and always slipped into his house to make love to him whenever the husband left home for work.

According to a woman posing as Nayas’ husband’s aunty, the actress is a serial cheat and liar.

She also said that Nayas had an accident on her way to sleep with another man, but her close pals snitched on her and alerted the spouse.

This woman, who appears to know more than the rest of us, also claimed that Nayas had called the cops on her husband following a little misunderstanding.

Other nasty truths of Nayas were all revealed by the woman who appeared to be very upset with Nayas’ ungratefulness to the spouse who defied all odds to get her to Germany just so she could live a comfortable life.

To learn more, watch the video below…

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