Ireti Doyle, Accused of Using Police to Harass Victims of Her Daughter’s Alleged Fraudulent Business


Nigerian actress Ireti Doyle has been accused of using Interpol and police to arrest victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent business.

Ireti Doyle, in a statement a few weeks ago, denied having a partnership with her daughter and warned the public not to associate her with her daughter’s business.

In a new post shared on the microblogging platform, Ireti Doyle warned those dragging her over the fraud issue but do not know the facts.

She wrote: If you dey under ‘deep cover’ like the purveyors of ‘vawulence’ and you follow dey drag person onto matter wey be say you no sabi the facts like that, be sure to use a short rope lest you to and hang yourself. Selah.

However, in a tweet, a human rights-oriented platform accused Ireti Doyle of using the Interpol and Nigerian Police to pick up, harass, and intimate victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent business who had called her out on social media.

The platform also warned the actress to stop using her connection and corrupt people to intimidate innocent Nigerians.

“Concerned Nigerians confirm that Ms. Ireti Doyle is using the interpol to pick up victims of her daughter’s alleged fraudulent activities.

We understand that she is using Nigerian police to intimidate and harass those who spoke up on the matter”.

“Concerned Nigerian condemn this abhorrent abuse of powers. We call on the victims to reach to us via the DMs. We will be following up this case. @IretiDoyle, you have us to contend with. Stop using connections to corrupt people to intimidate innocent Nigerians”.

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