Is Anderson Cooper Gay?, Here is All You Need to Know About the CNN Journalist and His Son; Wyatt Morgan Cooper


Is Anderson Cooper Gay?

The answer to this question is Yes, Anderson Cooper is a Gay and has openly admitted that since 2012.

Cooper became the first openly gay person to moderate a presidential debate in the general election in the history of America.

The award winning journalist also moderated the second presidential election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016.

Apple CEO Tim Cook for instance also turned to Anderson Cooper for advice in making a public announcement that he was a gay.

Anderson Cooper Relationship Life

Cooper revealed that he met his ex boyfriend Benjamin Maisani as far back 2009 at Maisani’s club New York City.

Cooper and Maisani remained couple for almost a decade before splitting in 2018.

Anderson Cooper has never been married and he reveals he is currently single focusing on the upbringing of his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper

Even though Cooper and Maisani broke up in 2018, they two currently lives together and are co parenting Cooper’s son Wyatt Morgan Cooper.

When did Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper start dating?

The pair started dating back in 2009, and were together for nine years before confirming they had split back in 2018.

Despite being together from 2009, they only went public with their relationship in 2015.

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

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