Is Burna Boy having effect on Black Sherif’s “Kwaku The Traveller” topping charts in Nigeria? No


Two days after releasing the single “Kwaku The Traveller”, Black Sherif has been leading charts both in Ghana and Nigeria and this has brought a lot of arguments on whether Burna Boy has any contribution towards how Blacko’s song has invaded Nigeria.

Ghanaians have asserted that, the song is trending because it’s a good tune, siting that, even the remix of Black Sherif’s ‘second sermon’, which featured Burna Boy did not top charts like this new one which was single handedly released by the youngster.

Nigerians are on the hand saying they have fully accepted Blacko into their domain because he was introduced by the African Giant, Burna Boy.

Carefully assessing the quality of the song, one can clearly say, the only reason this single by Blacko has dominated the Nigerian apple charts is it’s quality lyrics and nothing else.

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