Islamic School Flogs Students Mercilessly for Allegedly Consuming Alcohol (Videos)


After a video of pupils being violently disciplined was widely disseminated, the head of a Nigerian Quranic school was suspended.

The video has gone viral on the internet, causing fury among Nigerians, who have condemned the beatings. Students, both male and female, have been accused of consuming alcohol, but they deny it, claiming they drank yogurt at a birthday celebration.

As spectators watch, four young guys violently beat the accused students with stick-like items in one footage.
The whippings were allowed by the student’s father, according to BBC Pidgin.

According to reports, the kids were transported to the hospital for medical evaluation and treatment. The school has defended its conduct, claiming that the sanctions were imposed with the consent of the parents.

“I informed the school about the incident and I personally requested them to give her the appropriate punishment, and I insisted I should be present when they carried it out,” he said.

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In another film, a young male student lying flat on the floor can be heard crying and screaming as he is whipped, yet the whippings appear to become more severe as he shouts. Other pupils carried out the punishments on their teacher’s instructions.

The aftermath of the beatings:

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