It is patently unconstitutional and reprehensible to pay president’s wives salary; Sammy Gyamfi boldly declares


Sammy Gyamfi, the director of communication for the Opposition National Democratic congress has shared his sentiment on the issue of paying president’s wives

Sammy Gyamfi has written boldly that “The decision to pay the wives of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia a monthly salary equivalent to that of a Cabinet Minister, is patently unconstitutional and reprehensible.

Particularly, given the fact that they are not Article 71 Office holders. Same must be withdrawn forthwith.”

The USA with a large area of 9.834million km2 and a population of 330million pays no such salary to the wive of a president nor the wife of a vice president.  Importantly, the US does not pay these group because their position isn’t an elected one, even though some allowances and privileges are discharged in their direction just as in Ghana.

Ghana government has received the recommendation of the emolument committee, that suggested that the wives of the president, vice president and former president be paid with salary equivalence of various classes of ministers.

Significantly, Ghana, with a small land area of 238, 000km2 40times less than the size of US,  and a population of about 30million, which translates into 11 times  less the population of US, is interested in paying the fore mentioned despite  Ghana’s peculiar problem of negative balance sheet.

For a country that has to borrow billions of cedis every year, in order to execute a fraction of its mandate, isn’t it interesting that it insist that while article 71 office holders gravely burden the empty national kitty, an expansion be made to accommodate more such privileged persons?

Yet, this is happening at a period when Ghana Fire Service is hardly well – resourced, making it easier for poor market women to loose millions of cedis in investment because a major Fire Station only about 100 meters close, could not douse a benign flame at its inception and because it did not have water and fire hydrant.

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