“It took years to come to a feeling of total peace” – UK-based African nurse writes as he unveils his lover


Gideon Johnson, a Nigerian nurse based in the United Kingdom, has come out as gay on his official Instagram page while displaying his white lover, Nicolas, to the world.

He claims it took him years to realize that his choice of spouse didn’t have to compromise his underlying ideals or outlook on life.

Even while religion and cultural standards exist, they do not define you, according to the fitness enthusiast. He ended by revealing that he and his boyfriend, Nicolas, are in a relationship.

Read his full post below,

“It took years to come to a feeling of total peace and understanding that who you love doesn’t have to change your values and perception of life; instead, it can make you feel ingrained in them.

Stay true to yourself; true love commences with being honest with you and following your heart. Religion and societal expectations exist, but they do not define you.

In a relationship with Nicolas, my adorable, selfless, kind and handsome man ”

Source: cbgist.com

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