It was a Peaceful moment as NDC protesters storm Jubilee house to present petition with heavy security presence


The day has come to an end and that equally means the much anticipated demonstration led by the Largest opposition party has ended.

The Demonstration dubbed ‘March for Justice’ came at the back of recent occurrences involving some military personnels and youths of Ejura as well as another unfortunate military brutality that took place in the Upper west Regional capital,Wa.

Prior to the demonstration there were tensions all over with many questioning how peaceful this is going to be considering the heavy clashes between security forces and protesters recently.

Both parties (demonstrators and security personnels) were able to control themselves throughout the process and that needs some form of applause.

The demonstration which started at the Accra mall hit several parts of the Country’s capital and all eyes became wild to see what will be the outcome when they took to the country’s National home, Jubilee house to present a petition.

It is not confirmed what exactly the petition contains but with the purpose of the demonstration, it is clear the petition presented at the Jubilee House is an awareness to the government to put a stop to military brutality.

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