It’s A Big Day For Thomas And Zola.


27th of May, 2021, marked exactly a year Zola Nombona and Thomas Gumede welcomed their handsome baby boy.

Thomas Gumede took to Instagram as he revealed what his son’s favourite song is, and showed gratitude for the opportunity to witness his son grow.

“His favourite song is khuza gogo. He walks, he thinks he talks, he laughs and dances all day! He claps his hands and can say mama and baba (sometimes papa coz our wonderful nanny speaks Sesotho). He is my pride and joy. He makes me believe I can and must overcome every problem. He is my strength, and today he is 1 year old. Only God knows how long we have on this planet and I thank HIM every day that I get to witness my son grow! Happy birthday mfana wami, ubaba ukuthanda ngendlela emangalisayo!!” He wrote.

Also, he took time to honour his baby mama Zola for making him a father.

“Thank you Zola Nombona for being such a loving mother, God bless you! Thank you to my family and friends who love and support him, thank you for those who ask about him, from strangers to people I see at the shops regularly.”

Zola also penned down a lengthy heartfelt birthday message to her son, Cebelihle in isiZulu.

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