“It’s absurd to charge £50,000 because you have three hits” – Bongo Ideas tells Black Sherif and his management


Current news reigning on numerous portals suggests that, Black Sherif’s management demanded an amount of £50,000 to perform at Ghana Party in the Park.

Initially, it was said that Blacko’s absence was caused by the unfavorable time of the well-known concert. This information was provided by Robert Klah, VGMA PRO, during an interview with HitzFM.

“According to an anonymous source [a member of the Akwaaba UK group], the group proposed an amount of £10,000 (GHS 97,786) as Black Sherif’s performance fee for the Ghana Party in the Park event. However, Blacko’s team was demanding £50,000 (GHS 489,387).” as posted by Hitz FM in Twitter.

The news is making people talk on Facebook and Twitter and popular celebrities critic, Albert, popularly known as Bongo Ideas has added his bitter voice.

His full statement reads “ Blacko Sherif’s managers are gon ruin his career real soon.”

“Charging £50,000 (GHC489K) for a show cos of three hit songs is very very absurd. He’s not worth it” , he continued.

He concluded with “He’s gon beg to be paid GHC20K when the fame dies. Ask those who started.”

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