Jeana Smith Biography, Real name and Net worth


Jeana Smith is an American Social media Personality born on the 15th of March 1983, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

She was born to Steve and Harilyn Sue who gave her the name ‘Jenifer Smith’ before she grew up to change the Jenifer to Jeana to suit her social media brand.

Jeana Smith has established herself as one of the most sort after American Youtuber with her mind blowing social media activities.

Jeana Sadly lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer back in 1996.

Jeana Education

Jeana Graduated with a Degree from the University of Rowan, New Jersey.

About Jeana’s YouTube

With her determination, Jeana unsurprisingly owns and runs a YouTube Channel named ‘Jen Smith’ where she uploads her contents.

Net worth

Jeana Smith has achieved a Jaw dropping Net worth estimated to be $5.5 million

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