Joyce Mensah Tests Positive For HIV/AIDs On Live TV


HIV/AIDs Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Tests Positive On Live TV.

Joyce Tests Positive To Prove She Is Actually Honest With Her Status.

Her Children Are Suffering Stigmatisation In School.

HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has bodly come out to prove to the whole world that she is indeed an HIV/AIDS patient.

She conducted a live medical test on TV to declare that yes she is positive and her past denial of contracting the disease is haunting her.

In the media briefing after the testing, she opined that “I don’t like dirt and denying that I was once positive is truly disturbing my peace of mind. I want to apologize and let everyone know that I am positive that’s why I did this test live.”

In her speech, she alleged that her children were facing discrimination which is also a factor for her coming out to do the test.

Most Ghanaians are however not enthused at the turn of events with some alleging that this is simply a stunt to attract public sympathy.

Her children are under 18 years, no need for this live testing. She can REALLY be dramatic. When you’re on anti retroviral medication, Science informs us that you can’t transfer the virus.

The present Agendum is to get asylum in Germany and citizenship for all her children.

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