Juju is working on Nana Addo; Oheneba David charges on the salaries of Presidents wives


Oheneba David, a Ghanaian video blogger has questioned as to whether the president hasn’t been bewitched concerning the president wives salary

A president’s wife may be a professional (like Mrs Kuffour who was a nurse). But the moment her husband occupies the presidential seat, the CONSTITUTION does not assign any official role to her.

The CONSTITUTION does not ask the president’s wife to engage in any fund raising or even to resign from her job in order to support her husband. In fact there’s no official role for the president’s wife per the CONSTITUTION.

This might mean that the CONSTITUTION envisages a situation where a teacher’s husband will become a president but that woman will continue her profession taking and her usual salary. The President isn’t supposed to work but this does not apply to the wife.

Now if a teacher, nurse, police, banker decides to resign because her husband is the president of Ghana, her economic burden should be the burden of her husband. Remember, the president has so many economic benefits from the state.

The state feeds, cloths, entertains, protects, treats the president and his entire family. With all the endless economic benefits to a president, she can’t take care of his wife?

This is exactly the idea propounded by the Ghanaian video blogger based in Europe. He posited “its only bad leaders we have in Ghana. Juju is working on Nana Addo.”

“Great kings have developed their countries, what has the king who wears a golden crown from his head to the soles of his feet done for his people. When I look at Nana Addo, something is wrong with him”.

“A man who has stayed in the UK should be more intelligent and experienced to have developed the country. The constitution is the problem and why should the constitution make provision for president’s wives to be paid.”

You can watch the video below

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