Just in: “28 years old pregnant lady kidnap is fake and she was never pregnant”: Regional minister Otchere Darko reveals


The 28 year old missing pregnant woman who went missing was later confirmed to have been kidnapped in Takoradi, the Western Regional Police Command mounted an intense search for the missing 9-month pregnant woman, Josephine Panyin Mensah,
and she was found yesterday and currently receiving treatment at the Hospital. This kidnapping case received widespread condemnation from Ghanaians living home and abroad.

Fast forward to this day, the Western Regional Minister Kwabena Otchere Darko, has come out publicly to deny that the said lady was pregnant.  He asserted preliminary investigations by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has revealed the supposed abduction of a pregnant woman in Takoradi was faked. The 29-year-old woman was also not expectant as widely broadcasted.

“From their preliminary investigations, NIB suspects that this whole story was fake and that the medical doctor who has even looked at her revealed she wasn’t pregnant. That is the immediate information that we have. The police are still with her,” he said.

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