Kaaka Murder: Two dead, 19 injured as youth clash with police and military personnel


Brutal killings and gunshots fired by a combined team of police and military personnel on protestors

As reported, a mob suspected of being sympathisers of the NPP after several warnings and threats attacked Ibrahim Muhammad aka Kaaka guy and killed him because he has been putting pressure on the government and his DCE.

This is the word out there and so far, there hasn’t been any counterargument against it. This is not good at all, it can trigger an uprising, in fact, it deserves a broad display of dissatisfaction, if not, each one of us, who speaks truth to power is not safe.

If we keep quiet, we are going to force people into silence, something has to be done to atone for the blood of this man. The police had leads to protect him, they didn’t, instead, reports say they warned him. They warned him because people were unhappy that he was calling the government of his own country to order.

This is Ghana, century number 21, it’s a major setback. If this happened elsewhere, the nation will be on fire. We don’t want that, it’s not the way to go. However, if these crimes are not punished, then we are treading dangerously towards such a direction.

Why should he die for committing no crime? Those behind this crime should be punished, government should ensure that. It’s in the interest of this government to prioritise it because it tarnishes their image.

He was attacked by a mob, that’s should make investigations much easier for the police to zone down on suspects. The records of threat upon his life exist, those who went as far as reporting him to the police have names.

The power of the people is strong than any power, when pushed to the bring, the security cannot stop it, this is why we need to act on such instigators and manage the anger of people.

It is boiling, albeit slowly. It’s just a matter of time. Though we are rarely wise as a nation, a word to the wise should be enough this time.

The warning signs are on the wall, we can either empower the criminals and hoodlums and live the people with no choice than rising to the occasion or deal with the culprits.

Fast forward today, the security personnel sent to calm tensions have reportedly shot two people dead with scores injured.

You can watch the full video below

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